As it turns out, with near real-time feedback, most electricity consumers will take action to reduce energy usage, according to information released by CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint conducted a pilot program with 300 Texas customers using a simple in-home display (IHD) wirelessly connected to a smart meter. Consumers used the IHD to obtain electricity usage data and a forecast of monthly usage and costs, spurring them to turn off lights, adjust the indoor temperature, and switch to energy-saving light bulbs.

More specifically, CenterPoint Energy found the following:

    83% of pilot responders reported turning off unused lights51% of pilot responders reported adjusting the temperature on their thermostat93% of pilot responders were satisfied with their IHD97% of pilot responders reported they will continue using the IHD

The Install vv

91% found that setting up the IHD was “easy” or “very easy.”

Improvement Actions vv

34% switched to better light bulbs; 15% installed a programmable thermostat.

Planned Actions vv

40% will purchase Energy Star appliances based on IHD feedback.

Going Forward vv

84% will “definitely” keep using the IHD.

[PDF] In-Home Display Pilot Results, July 26, 2011.

Credits: CenterPoint Energy.


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