Dutch Docklands, in conjunction with Troon Golf and Waterstudio. NL, have devised an innovative reconfiguration of the traditional golf course – a floating, solar powered, carbon neutral eighteen hole golf course in the Maldives.

Built on platforms, the series of islands, powered by floating solar blanket fields, will also feature underwater tunnels that connect the holes and course facilities, allowing golfers to enjoy the reef while moving around the course. The estimated US$500 million (€342 million) golf course project (and other floating developments), are expected to help the island nation, transition and flourish in a world with increasing sea levels.

“The idyllic Maldives development incorporates a set of groundbreaking artificial floating islands that include exciting new and unique opportunities for sustainable development such as water cooling and sweet water collection,” explains the Dutch Docklands’ website. “The scarless development, which has zero footprint on the Maldives region will include state-of-the-art golf courses that look set to bring a wealth of new tourism and investment to the country.”

The project is scheduled for completion in 2015.

Visit: http://www. dutchdocklands. com

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