Smart Sponge, developed by Glenn Rink at AbTech Industries, absorbs oil and petroleum hydrocarbons, permanently transforming them into a solid that can then be burned in power stations to make electricity or safely buried in landfills.

The Smart Sponge oleophilic (oil rather than water absorbing) polymers form permanent bonds and solidifies petroleum hydrocarbons but does not absorb water. The polymers can absorb 3.5 times its weight in oil, and is still buoyant when saturated so is perfect for ocean, river and lake contamination clean-up. It can absorb light crude but not heavier concentrations of oil, mousse, or tarballs, so it is a good first use method to remove oil spill contamination.

Rink developed his Smart Sponge over 15 years ago after the Alaskan Exxon Valdez oil spill, believing that the oil industry would really like to have a means of removing oil safely and permanently from the ocean. AbTech Industries manufactures floating booms filled with Smart Sponge that absorb the surface oil slick, as well as other water filter systems that can really help cities reduce contaminated water flowing into the local environment.

Saturated Smart Sponge samples passed the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leach testing and can be disposed of in landfills, though it has also been designated as a “waste-to-energy” material in the US so it can be burned in waste renewable energy fuelled power stations.

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