The province of Ontario, Canada has established a ban on cosmetic pesticides that will take effect on April 22, 2009 – Earth Day. Ontario residents will no longer be able to apply pesticides to lawns, gardens, parks or schoolyards.

The province-wide ban covers a wide variety of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that will no longer be available for cosmetic use. More than 250 products will be banned for sale and an estimated 80 pesticide ingredients will be banned for cosmetic uses in Ontario.

Ontario is the second province to ban cosmetic pesticide use in Canada. Quebec enacted a similar ban in 2006. Ontario’s new regulations surpass existing restrictions placed on pesticide use in Quebec.

Ontario’s cosmetic pesticide ban will still allow for the continued use of pesticides for public health or safety reasons, such as fighting West Nile Virus, killing stinging insects like wasps, or controlling poison ivy and other plants poisonous to the touch. Other exceptions to the pesticide ban include agriculture and forestry. Golf courses are exempt from the ban and can continue to use pesticides for cosmetic use.

The David Suzuki Foundation, one of the driving forces behind pesticide awareness campaigns in Canada, hopes other provinces will follow Ontario’s lead and “…meet or beat Ontario’s ban on cosmetic pesticides to ensure a high standard of protection for human health and the environment across the country”.


Read about the Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in Ontario: http://www. ene. gov. on. ca/en/land/pesticides/index. php
The David Suzuki Foundation: http://www. davidsuzuki. org/

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