Recycling doesn’t have to be limited to just bottles and cans. In fact, American artist Susan Bell has found an innovative way to recycle her horse’s feces into garden art. Using recycled manure and hay – she creates dung sculptures for the garden that are also great compost for your roses. We caught up with Susan to ask her where she got her fecal inspiration and how can we get one of her super cool dung bunnies.

Please tell us a bit about the dung creatures you make.

I first started making Dung Bunnies because I have 2 horses and I was keeping them in a semi/urban pasture where we had to pay people to haul the horse manure away.

At that time the Brooklyn Museum had just made a very controversial acquisition of an art piece made from human waste. Since I make my living as a professional artist (I am an oil painter), I decided that since the art that was currently considered really “important” was just sh-t, I should utilize my own continuous supply of resources and make art out of it.

I have always been into recycling so I thought that garden sculpture was the thing to do. Knowing that aged horse manure is very good fertilizer, especially for roses, I went to work experimenting with ways to turn the raw material (3-5year old composted horse manure) into sculpture.

Is it just bunnies or are there other creatures?

The first prototype was a rabbit thus the name Dung Bunnies. We also make frogs, turtles, snails, ducks, pigeons, Presidents, cats, and squirrels.

How long do they last?

They last about 1 year depending on precipitation. Some people choose to keep them as sculpture, under cover. In that case they will last indefinitely.

How many Dung Bunnies can you make in a day/week?

Presently we can make about 25/day but that depends on weather because we need a nice warm, dry, Colorado day for them to dry and cure properly.

Do they smell?

They don’t smell because they are made from manure that is at least 3-5years old. Also manure that is not aged is too hot to be a good fertilizer. The manure is also composted and free of weed seeds.

Anything you would like to add?

The Dung Bunny business is run as a 100% recycled business. The Dung Bunnies are made from recycled hay. The boxes that we ship them in are recycled from local businesses and the packaging is shredded paper.

Visit: www. dungbunnies. com

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