Using the FlyRad motorized wheel and seat, the inline skate wearer can whiz along as they sit, stand or crouch, and get pushed or pulled along at up to 40kph (25mph).

Thomas Rank designed the FlyRad six years ago, and the largest version comes with a 500W motor, a 36v battery, and a 40kph (25mph) top speed. FlyRad only weighs 24kg (53lb), and gives a 50km (31mile) range on a four-hour charge, offering emissions free and fun travel for the urban commute. A sportier version can be had with a 1kW motor for the wanabee Olympic skaters, and there are smaller ones for teenagers and children.

Directional control is via the skates and, while in the sitting position, the rider and FlyRad are stabilized with the rider’s weight on the seat and reacted by a pair of pads attached to the handlebars that press against the rider’s upper legs. The sitting position is stable enough to actually let go of the handlebars. Alternative riding positions include squatting, standing, and crouching, all of which can be done while moving.

The FlyRad won a silver medal at iENA 2010, the International Trade Fair for “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” held in Nuremburg in October. The first commercial FlyRad could be available in 2011.

Visit: http://www. flyrad. de/

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