In the past year, we've discussed over 35 LEED Platinum projects, and they're all pretty incredible.  Some are renovations.  Others are new construction.  Some are big.  Others are small.  Some are officially certified.  Others are expecting certification.  The point is, we're at the point now where a LEED project is not worth mentioning — typically speaking — unless it's coming in at the highest level of USGBC certification.  Check out the best of the best (click the text links for more images and information).

Orchid Street Cityhomes receive LEED Platinum Award

FBI Gets World's First LEED Platinum EBOM Certification

Rancho Verde Takes Platinum for Brownfield Redevelopment

World's First LEED Platinum Aquatic Center?

Thin Flats Chasing LEED Platinum in Philadelphia

Prefab Unity House Takes LEED Platinum

Palm Springs Hillside Home Seeks LEED Platinum

LEED Platinum Remodel in Portland For Sale

The Green Building in Kentucky Pursues LEED Platinum Certification

1865 Historic Building Gets LEED Platinum

Platinum HGTV Green Home 2009 in Florida

Picton Brothers LEED Platinum Home in Connecticut

Autodesk Seeks LEED Platinum for Waltham HQ

LEED Platinum RainShine House in Georgia

LEED Platinum and Off-grid Buffalo House

Modern LEED Platinum Madison Street Homes in Tennessee

First LEED Platinum Home in Virginia

Energy Conservation by the Numbers at LEED Platinum Newark Center

LEED Platinum UR 45 Home in Dallas

The Sage Sets a LEED Platinum Record in Eugene

Platinum Vertical Modern Urban Lofts in Arkansas

Wetland Discovery Point Takes LEED Platinum in Utah

Omega Center Seeks World's First Living Building Certification

USGBC Sets a LEED Platinum Example

Maine Supermarket Gets LEED Platinum

The Eco Office Reaches New Platinum Heights

Sweetwater Headquarters Gets LEED Platinum in Indiana

Nation's First LEED Platinum Firehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona

Platinum Green Jobs Training Ground in Ohio

Platinum Net Zero Energy Yannell House in Chicago

Portland Goes Artistically Platinum at Burnside Rocket

LEED Platinum Ross Street House in Wisconsin

New Orleans Gets Platinum Style Float Home

Lofts at Cherokee Studios Now Complete, Seeking LEED Platinum

First LEED Platinum Renovation in Georgia

If you liked this list, make sure to check out 34 Stunning LEED Platinum Projects of 2008.  Also, make sure to share your Platinum and Beyond Platinum projects with us in 2010! 


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