It's always hard to imagine what will become popular and what won't.  This year, the juggernaut by far was the Clayton Homes i-House.  In prior years, Digg and StumbleUpon determined the most popular articles.  In 2009, these sites didn't have much of an impact on what we're doing.  (Maybe we need more controversy, argumentation, or lists or something?)  Readers seem to be flocking to Facebook and Twitter … in any event, take a look on the most popular of last year. 

#1: Clayton Homes Launches Modern Green Affordable i-House

#2: Ultimate Modern Desert House Built in Pioneertown

#3: Eco-Bridge Concept Proposed for Chicago 2016

#4: Yale Grad Student Builds a Tiny House for Boarding

#5: Honeywell Small Wind Turbine to be Sold Cheap at Ace Hardware

#6: Dow Unveils Impressive POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle

#7: Efficient Modern Home Built for $70k

#8: The Sage Sets a LEED Platinum Record

#9: LEED Platinum RainShine House Finished in Georgia

#10: A New Company Launches Simple DIY Rooftop Solar Clover System

Truth be told, six of these stories came from reader tips/emails.  Wow, thanks readers for sharing the good stuff.  It was a fun year, 2009. 


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