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The main driver for the performance and affordability of the recently-mentioned Rainbow Duplex is a panelized prefab system of construction that was designed to help projects meet the Passive House standard. BC Passive House in Canada has a manufacturing plant that’s making these panels, and I thought it would be interesting to share what’s inside the company’s next-gen, high-performance panels.


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Today Stillwater Dwellings announced the completion of another green prefab, which is located in Southern Utah near Capitol Reef National Park. It’s a beautiful home that’s constructed to the same building codes as a typical home, but it’s not typical. In fact, this is an impressive case study of some of the benefits of off-site construction — construction in a controlled environment, preservation of the site by avoiding on-site construction, and use of prefabrication to overcome labor, costs, and site challenges.


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More than 104 countries gathered 6.8 million pounds (3.1 million kgs) of trash, which included an estimated 11.4 million items from 6,485 sites around the world during the 23rd International Coastal Cleanup. The information compiled during the clean up has been analyzed in a new report - A Rising Tide of Ocean Debris and What We Can Do About It - from the Ocean Conservancy. The report represents the world’s only country-by-country, state-by-state analysis of trash in our oceans and waterways.


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I’ve used the analogy before, but living the green life is similar to using web widgets–you try one out, figure out how it works, and start to enjoy the benefits of that new widget’s functionality.  How about trying the green artwork widget?  Artwork can be green, too.  Depending on what you’re looking for, you may want to hunt down FSC-certified wood frames or commission your favorite artist and have the piece done with eco-friendly paints.  Get creative and find a way to make your art green (i. e., use water-based paints as opposed to oil, etc.).  OR…you could also buy some of Campbell Laird‘s work. 


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Jerry Yudelson is a green building leader, but he’s also a professional engineer with a master’s degree in water resource development. Relying on this background, Yudelson authored a new book called Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis. The truth is, as he explains, the global human population is expected to quadruple from 1950 to 2050, placing more and more stress on water resources. 


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New UCLA study says testing leaves some families with great uncertainty.

Mandatory genetic screening of newborns for rare diseases is creating unexpected upheaval for families whose infants test positive for risk factors but show no immediate signs of disease, a new University of California, Los Angeles study warns.


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